You can date a broke guy but do not marry one

By Christine Nakalungi

“A man cannot accept the rejections that the world throws at him. If a man will not work,
he shall not eat.”

“Being broke is not the state of having no money to pay your bills but the attitude of embracing that situation and doing nothing to change it.” Sarah’s grandmother said. I opened my ears wide and paid more attention.

Sarah had taken her boyfriend to her grandmother and after we had eaten and drunk ourselves full, we sat down to relax as the boys watched the match.

“What do you think about him grandma?” Sarah asked. “Well, do you love him?” Her grandma asked back. “Yes, I do,” Sarah replied.
“As long as you are happy, I am happy.” Her grandmother absently commented. She did not sound convincing and Sarah insisted.
“Grandma, I want your honest opinion.”

“What does he do for a living?” her grandmother asked after a long pause. “He is not working currently. It has been hard for him to find a job,” Sarah defended her boyfriend. “So, who pays his bills?” Grandma asked looking Sarah straight in the eyes. “I help out sometimes if I can.” Sarah loosely explained. “For how long have you been doing it?”

Grandma’s questions became tougher that we all felt uncomfortable. “Ever since I started dating him. I hate seeing him stressed over bills.” Sarah tried to reason with her grandmother but she was not getting anywhere.
“Well, if a man can comfortably give up on earning, then he is not worth marrying my granddaughter…” Grandma became tougher. “But grandma…!” Sarah tried to interject but she was silenced.

“I understand that jobs are scarce lately but like the bible says in Thessalonians 3:10… If a man will not work, he shall not eat. A man cannot accept the rejections that the world throws at him. If he cannot secure an accounting job, let him go into farming, or fishing but either way, he should find a way to earn and not just sit there and lament about joblessness in the society.” The room was dead silent by now so grandma decided to send for the young man.

“Let me have a talk with him and find out what his plans are. If he is not willing to go out there and hustle, he will never marry my granddaughter.”

A word to a wise man/woman is enough. It is surely not a crime to be broke but to stay broke is a choice. If you marry a man who has no vision and plan to get himself out of the poverty pit; he will only drag you down and burry your dreams plus the future of your children.

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