Would you ask your spouse to change her dress code?


DEBATE. Some people dress according to how they feel or what they are comfortable in, especially if they are single. However, this could be a different story after marriage. Different people share their views of whether they would like their spouses to change the dress code as well as what they cannot stand seeing them wear, writes CHRISTINE KATENDE.

What dress code can’t you stand?

Sagging pants. And, I would not also want to see him with tucked in clothes while wearing sandals or open shoes. That is irresponsible dress code. Carol Khasalamwa, teacher

Depending on his body size, I cannot stand him in tight shirts and trousers or oversize clothes if he is small bodied. Also, sagging trousers are a put off. Ruth Nalule, seamstress

I cannot let him leave home with a shirt that is not tucked in or wearing oversize trousers. Also, I cannot stand a shirt that exposes his chest and tight jeans. Teddy Nakitende, businesswoman

Tight trousers are a no-no. Leaving home in a vest is irresponsible and lowers his dignity, especially in front of his family and friends. Cathie Nalwanga, teacher

Yes, I would like her to wear clothes at knee level or slightly below the knee which earn respect from the public. I, however, cannot stand my wife dressed in skimpy things because such clothes lower her dignity. Ian Teffe, Businessman

I might have met her dressed differently because she was single. However, the moment I marry her, I expect decency not necessarily in a gomesi but something long and respectable. I cannot stand her in tight clothes. Daniel Teruma, motorcyclist

No, I would not change her dress code after marriage because that is something I would have worked on during courtship. I cannot stand indecency because it causes temptation among men. I do not mind short and tight clothes at home. Samuel Kiyimba, electrical engineer

Yes, I would ask her to change immediately because she is no longer a girl. Married women dress differently from single women. I cannot stand her in skimpy skirts or dresses and tight trousers because she is no longer searching. Joseph Okware, DEEJAY

I would request her to change if she initially was indecent. But I cannot stand her dressed in leggings and tight jeans which expose her underwear. Also, dresses and tops that show much cleavage. Vincent Baligaya, interior designer.

I do not think I would like her to change after marriage because by the time I marry her, it means I have accepted her. Those are the things we discuss and agree on during courtship. But I would not let her dress seductively better still, any woman who wears such does not earn respect from the public. Jimmy Mulindwa, student


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