Wisdom helps us apply knowledge

By Amos Wekesa

In life, we are allowed to cover ourselves as much as possible even when we all know how limited we are as humans.
Life is a real mystery, especially when you try to understand the universe we live in.

Just Google and read about the galaxy and reproduction and take time to understand that humans can be so insignificant.
The reproduction process as explained and illustrated by scientists is actually shocking to say the least.
As an example of how we can try to cover ourselves will give some examples. I drive a 17-year-old Land Cruiser, which I have maintained in top condition all the time.

I make sure it has proper quality of wheels, serviced on time, brake pads are replaced frequently, lights should be working 24/7 and air-condition in super state.
While I drive up country, I make sure I say my prayer before departure, safety belt on, doors on central lock. I will make sure we do not drive above 110 kilometres per hour, no overtaking in bends, slow down when a heavy truck is on the other lane and I also avoid driving in the night.

I do all that as a human being and wisdom helps us to understand that is how things are meant to be done and yes, it has its positives.
Remember wisdom helps us apply knowledge correctly. That wisdom which I seek, I try to do my best to apply it in many areas of my life.
Yes, on Saturday, I was driving back from Kasese in the morning at around 8am and very narrowly survived a head on collision even when we were on the right.
I have experienced near misses all the time and instead of fear taking charge, I confront that fear because fear, generally speaking, has made so many people live a purposeless lives.

The above simply means that even if we prepare as much as we can, we are not in charge of external factors most times.
There are two types of fears for failure in my opinion and those are negative fear for failure and positive fear for failure.
The negative fear for failure kills every possible desire to do anything after it takes control of our lives. The positive fear for failure is when fear for failure drives our determination to confront anything that comes our way.

Many people fear failure and that keeps them away from trying anything. But some people, including myself, will try to do the opposite.
Like I said, I have encountered many near misses and that has made me think so hard about life and its meaning and I am yet to find all the answers but meanwhile, I simply apply faith.

I have survived many skirmishes notably the March, 1, 1999 murder of eight tourists and a guide in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
I also survived when our convoy came under ferocious fire from Karimojong warriors at a place called Kamusalaba.
Then, cars that headed to Kabong District from either Kampala or Moroto had to move in a convoy from Kotido District and this particular spot was on the boundaries of the Labwors, Langi-leaning Karimojongs and the Jei, Teso-leaning group.

I had a group of Dutch tourists whose interest was to visit Kidepo National Park and I had barely survived the Bwindi attack with them.
From Kidepo Valley National Ppark with the same group, we headed to the top of Mt Elgon which is Uganda’s second highest standing at 4322 metres above sea level and very scenic, something my group of tourists had keen interest in.

We climbed to the top, Wagagai, with two overnights at Mudde Camp and Sasa River camp.
Since I was fairly new in the game of guiding, I had not climbed and experienced coldness as one we encountered at heights above 3000 metres.

I remember seeing the water in the basin that had turned into ice and here I was without anything warm but as a young man dreaming and aspiring, I endured till we returned to Kampala and I saw potential death in my eyes and I must say, without God’s grace, I wouldn’t have survived, according to the doctors.

I was in Kasese around the same time 1999/2000s twice when ADF attacked Kasese Town, was in Murchison Falls when rebels attacked Jimmy Ssekazi. I can write a whole book about near misses just in tourism alone.
On December, 22, 2002, we literary fell from the sky on East African airways and the plane picked not far from lake Victoria surface.

Bogoya, the captain of the day on the East African airlines that operated out of Uganda then, said, he didn’t know how we survived that day.
The return trip was uncomfortable four days late and onJanuary,1, 2003, on my way to Holland, I panicked all the way but did not give up flying.

One of the directors of the same East African airways was on the same plane and vowed not to fly back on the same. I was a young broke man who had been hired at very low pay to escort a group of students to a famous place called the Sun City in South Africa and I, therefore, couldn’t afford to return on a different airline like the said director.

Of course, the shopping and the tour of Sun City made the students forget about the challenge we had had while heading to South Africa and recently, I told a few of them about what the pilot said, it brought chills to them because they will never forget that day.

The near miss on Saturday made me think about several things in life and at one point, I realised fear was starting to take charge and the Ethiopian airline challenge on Sunday didn’t help either and I had to confront that fear because I earn my life and also Great Lakes safaris requires me to travel and therefore, any fear, isn’t a good thing. When I board a plane, I say my prayer and the prayer is very clear, let your will take place. If I die, receive my soul and if I arrive safely, I will thank you Lord.

The worst thing in life isn’t to die but to live a life without purpose and you won’t live a purposeful life without confronting fear or without applying faith or taking risks. Real people of faith will tell you faith isn’t possessed but practiced and yes, many Christians think we simply profess faith and everything works without acknowledging the fact that faith without works, is a actually dead faith.


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