Why UIA sacked Kaguhangire


Kampala. The Inspector General of Government, Ms Irene Mulyaagonja, has found no truth in allegations that the former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority, Ms Jolly Kaguhangire, was erroneously interdicted when she was asked to step out of office.
Ms Kaguhangire was interdicted by the board on June 26 for three months with half pay. The interdiction followed a resolution made by the board at its 51st meeting on June 2 attended by 10 members who included Mr Fred Opolot and Ms Olive Kigongo.
Ms Kaguhangire petitioned the IGG accusing the board of unjustifiably interdicting her, bringing flimsy charges of misconduct and failure to adhere to established recruitment procedures in filling of top positions at the newly restructured UIA.
She also claimed that her interdiction did not meet the miminum requirements because two members of the board had objected to it.

The findings
According to the IGG report dated November 8 there is no evidence that Mr Opolot and Ms Kigongo walked out of the meeting before the resolution to interdict Ms Kaguhangire was passed.
“There was no evidence found by this investigation that the board brought flimsy charges against Ms Kagunangire as alleged. The charges brought against Ms Kaguhangire were related to gross misconduct as defined under Section 9.2.2 of the UIA Human Resource Manual,” the report says.
The IGG also found the former director guilty of irregularly extending the contracts of Ms Sheila Mugyenzi, Ms Barbara Kabuchu, Ms Florence Kafuko and Mr Godfrey Ssemakula who are deputy directors at UIA.
“This contravened the provisions of the Investment Code Act and Section 4.8.1 (b) of the UIA Human Resource Manual that vests the powers to appoint staff in the board,” the IGG added.
However, the report also faults the board for interviewing and recommending Mr Hamza Galiwango who was on interdiction and a subject of police investigations.
“However, this may not necessarily remove administrative culpability. It would have been wise for the board to consider any such culpability before going ahead to appoint him,” the report added.
The IGG ordered the board to only confirm its recommendation for appointment of Mr Galiwango as director, Industrial Parks & Land after satisfying itself that he is not administratively culpable as concerns the illegal mining of sand and murram excavation from Namanve Industrial Park.

Absolves the board of wrongdoing
According to the report, after thorough investigations the UIA board is cleared of the allegations.
The report has also tasked the board to ensure that probationary contracts given to new staff at UIA are in compliance with the provisions of Section 67(2) of the Employment Act; put a stop to the practice of the executive director extending staff contracts without recourse to the board of directors as it contravenes the Investment Code Act.
The IGG also ordered the board to confirm its recommendation for appointment of a number of directors whose appointments were put on hold.
The directors are; Mr Basil Ajer as director, director SME, Science, Technology & Innovations; Mr Joseph Kiggundu as director One Stop Centre; Ms Mugyenzi as director Investment Promotion and Mr Galiwango as Director, Industrial Parks & Land.


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