Why Police fired teargas at Arua protesters



ARUA – A meeting convened to discuss Muslim leadership in Oli A, Tanganyika ward in Arua Municipality recently ended prematurely when police used tear gas to disperse the rowdy crowd.

Fighting erupted during the meeting organized by the management of Masgidi Nuru mosque to elect new leadership.

One group was inclined to the Kibuli faction and the other to supreme council Arua Muslim district while others claimed to be independent.

The independent Muslims welcomed the Kibuli faction and those under the main Muslims supreme council to preach peace through the word of God.

The chaos also disrupted classes at Najah Muslim Primary School and patients in Orphanage health centre suffered the effects of the teargas.

The head teacher of Najah Muslim primary school Atima Ayub Afeku said the pupils were exposed to teargas and violence actions of the Muslim leaders and their followers.

The mosque was cordoned off; when security took charge to calm the situation.

 The chairman Masgidi Nuru mosque management committee Ramadan Ajidra denied being affiliated to any of the factions fighting for positions.

He noted that, the people are divided based on their selfish interest, but as independent Muslims, we have no problems with any of them.

Sheik Yassin Abjafari another concerned Muslim observed that the fight has brought shame to the Islam in Arua Municipality.

“The world  is watching the shameful fights among Muslims over positions and financial status, yet in Islam, when we say ‘’stawu in Arabic ’ ’it means whether you are black or white, tall or short there is no segregation,” Abjafari said

Khemis Muzaid, the LC 3 chairman River Oli Division decried the incident. He faulted the Muslim factions for the fights and warned them to desist from the inhuman acts that trigger violence in the division, but practice peace.

Muzaid advises the Muslim leaders from the Kibuli faction and the main Muslim supreme council to dialogue and find peaceful means of resolving their differences.

Fighting in the mosque is unholy. If the hadith and the teaching of Islam in the Quran remain the same, division according to affiliation should stop,” Muzaid warned.  


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