Why it is important to align IT with your business


Information Technology (IT) is increasingly becoming an integral part of businesses in Uganda.

Despite the advantages IT lends to businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises are yet to properly appreciates the connection between the two—business and IT.

According to IT specialists and the Industry analysts, the two, if properly harnessed could massively boost the business bottom line—profit.
But the problem is that there is often disconnection between IT and the organisational structures or way of doing things.

“IT teams are often hamstrung by multi-vendor IT management solutions that are functionally disconnected from each other and isolated from the rest of the organisation,” reads a statement issued earlier in the week by Africa DataEdge Limited an IT Management.

According to Mr Tela Dennis, an IT Consultant, this in turn means that: “IT teams and business units grow further out of sync for the IT teams take longer to act on new opportunities as business productivity and continuity suffer, leaving business units looking helplessly as opportunities slip away.”

The future of IT, according to Mr Tela, is in the intersection of technology and business.
And that is the kind of tools that IT professionals should be preoccupied with.

In the IT seminar held earlier in the week in Kampala by ManageEngine, an IT service provider, Mr Praveen Dash, an IT specialist, said industry professionals aims should be around providing solutions that bridge the function of IT to the core organisational goals.


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