Why do you act single yet you are married?

By Christine Nakalungi

Something has attacked some married friends in our society and if we are not careful, it might tear apart and cause more damage to the families of the people we love. You could think that with all the guests that attended someone’s wedding, he or she will have the courtesy to behave as a married man or woman but instead, most people choose to behave otherwise.

The number one sign to show that you are married is the wedding band/ ring and yet many people have no conviction of wearing it. Someone can claim that he forgot it after a shower and yet remembered the watch and other jewellery.
A ring is just a sign and does not mean anything; someone can commit to one person and be faithful even without showing off a ring.

I agree but the issue is with the other people who admire you and might want to initiate a love relationship with you. My friend’s cousin Sherry has unknowingly been dating a married man and when the wife showed up with the aim of causing her harm, she swore that she had no idea that the man was married.

How? You might wonder. Well, Mr Married man was working upcountry and only returned to his home at the weekends. He had an apartment upcountry and that is where he took Sherry and other girls. The house had no indication whatsoever that this man belonged to someone else. There were no photos of him and his family; he only had calendars and maps hanging on the walls.

He never wore his ring as long as he was out of his marital home so there was no way the poor girl could think otherwise. She had met with his friends and they too behaved as though they never attended his wedding. She actually thought she had got a boyfriend of her own.

To my dear married brothers and sisters, if you decided to get off the love market, it is time to embrace your choice. It is people like you that have turned the marriage institution into a laughing stock. Why do you get married if you still want to explore other options? Please stop acting single and yet you are married before every girl ends up being a mistress and our society is left with no families to admire.


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