White denim

By Hassan Ssentongo

It is true, everyone loves blue denim in all its versions and how versatile it can be. However, with it comes a lot of redundancy, like it is the regular thing. Then comes white denim, with its fresh and luxe feel. It is nothing new, white denim has always been around but there is something cool and fresh about it that makes it one of the hottest denim trends of the season.
This blogger-approved trend is all the rage now, seen on almost all the stylish women. You just can not get it wrong with it as styling is so easy. It is also a very photogenic or photo friendly trend, which looks good every time it is photographed. It is bright and fun, something you need to add excitement to your style. Just like all other denim colours, white denim can be found in everything from pants, jackets, dungarees and shirts.
Interestingly, with all the perks it brings to style game, also comes a number of challenges. I mean it is white, and this is Kampala where it can be dusty and muddy any minute. This makes it quite challenging to have your white denim piece on huge rotation. You will have to worry about where to sit and where to go, because it gets stained so easily.

How to style your white denim
To start with, white denim can literally be paired with anything. Feel free to be adventurous and try all the possible options your wardrobe can offer. Here are some cool styling tricks.
-White on white. Pair your white denim piece with another white piece and basically wear white head to toe. Make your look interesting by blocking the white with a belt and shoes in a dark colour.
-Denim on denim. You know you never go wrong with denim paired with denim. Layer a blue denim jacket over your white denim piece and stand out.
-White and black. Make good use of your black pieces by pairing them with white denim. The classic monochrome look everyone desires put together so easily.
-You can go ahead to match your white denim with prints such as Kente, florals and more.


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