What is the best medication for allergies?

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dr, my wife has allergy of body swelling at night, the face and other body parts at times, she has tried some tablets and herbs but they are not working, Dr what can we do or what’s the medication?

Dear Cobie,

Allergy is an overreaction of the body to various innocuous substances or even physical agents such as heat that may come in contact with the body. Normally when our bodies encounter germs, it produces an array of substances called antibodies to subdue the germs and prevent or fight off disease resulting from the germs. Following an overreaction, the body produces antibodies to fight the imagined germ leading to either a local reaction to the area of contact or the reaction may affect various parts of the body. The affected parts may include skin, the nose or the lungs but can affect any other body parts.
Treatment of allergies requires identifying the cause (allergen) and if possible avoid it. Mere taking of drugs means that each time the body gets in contact with the allergen, it will react and cause symptoms like in your case.
The fact that the allergy is happening at night probably points to indoor allergens that may include dust mites (in blankets, carpets, mattresses and pillows) and here doing away with carpets, exchanging blankets for washable duvets, using polythene covered mattresses and pillows, and avoiding sprays and wet oil paint will go a long way in helping.
Stopping dogs, and cats from entering the main house, avoiding rearing chicken from near the main house can also help.


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