Weight-lifting practices that may be dangerous to your life

By Sarah Aanyu

Weight-lifting could be the trending practice in both men and women. They have a desire to attain a certain look but sadly, many do not mind about their health.
However, it is good to be mindful of what weights you carry because there are weights suited for everyone lest health complications set in, in the long run.
It is best to seek for a professional’s instruction on what is to be done when starting to lift weights because they know at which point you can use what kind of weights.
Robert Ddamulira, a gym instructor says, just like it should be with any exercise or sport, proper medical check-up is necessary before engaging in weight lifting, so that one knows their state of health and body make-up. For example, a person with back illness will not carry the same weights as one with a healthy back.
He adds to that saying, one has to know their ability so that they do not lift weights that they cannot handle to avoid internal and external organ damage.
“The posture is also important so that one avoids spinal injuries,” Ddamulira cautions
Jimmy Aworit, a trainer at Jimmy Gym, Namugongo also says, warming up is core in weight lifting because this prepares you both physically and mentally. Otherwise, a tensed body may trigger pain that may keep reoccurring.
Sadat Ntambi, a fitness trainer at Get fit gym, Namuwongo says, weight lifting has many rules that should be adhered to lest one suffers lifelong health defects.
“In most cases, people set goals that are way too high. They end up carrying weights beyond their ability because they desire to attain a certain kind of body within a specific period of time thus strain unnecessarily,” Ntambi says.
More to that, he says, persistently carrying weights even when you feel pain in certain body parts is dangerous because body pain is a sign that something is not right and you need to see a doctor.
He also advises people to stop holding their breath while carrying weight-lifting because this will disorganise their breathing system which could lead to collapsing due to air shortage.
He further says, people need to stop exploiting the stronger parts of their bodies, say the right hand and use it more than is advisable. That is because this practice causes body imbalance and the person will end up being deformed; when one body part is abnormally bigger than other.
Aworit also says, regardless of which kind of weights you can lift, you must start with smaller ones to rejuvenate the muscles and progress to the heavy ones.
He says that desiring to achieve multiple body goals can cause muscle jam because you will over work them. It is better to focus on one goal at a time. Bottom line, have an instructor; they track your progress and are able to tell how far you can go at a given time.


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