Villa owners petition Fufa over Misagga ownership



Directors of SC Villa have officially written to Fufa concerning the published ownership of the team on Tuesday.
A public announcement made by Fufa’s Chief Executive officer (CEO) Edgar Watson about top flight club ownership in Uganda identified Ben Misagga’s, who threw in the towel on Sunday, Lusaka Commodities and Moses Musaasizi as the known shareholders.
And now Edgar Agaba, who is one of the directors of SC Villa which claims its roots in 1975 and incorporated in 1995, asked Fufa to recognise; Franco Mugabe, Omar Ahmed, William Nkemba, Luyimbazi Mugalu, Fred Muwema, Vincent Bagiire, Allan Papaok and Edgar Agaba as rightful owners.
“That communication is a mockery because we have been in touch with Fufa over the club’s legal standing,” Agaba said. SC Villa tumbled into a crisis in 2010 under interim leadership following the political animosity between the then club president Fred Muwema and Fufa. Shortly afterwards, the Jogoos were taken over by Misagga and registered them as Villa Jogoo Uganda Limited in 2014.
The race for the team’s leadership is still hotly contested though as it is understood that the founders have anointed Agaba as the president to take over team management yet wily Denis Mbidde is banking on fan support to take over. Muhammad Bazirengedde is another contender.

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