UNBS’ Sherinah Too Close To Tours Boss


Whatever is going on between Uganda National Bureau of Standards’ (UNBS) Sherina Uzamukunda and a top tours and travel company boss identified as Ian Magala must be serious business beyond anyone’s expectations.

Snoops reveal that Sherinan and Magala are too close for comfort these days. Sources reveal that Sherinah is said to be head-over-heels for Magala and was recently overheard telling friends that she has finally found the ‘Right One’.

A source close to the couple intimated to us that Magala is the one who is currently enjoying Sherinah’s Goodies although the source couldn’t readily reveal whether his official lover is out of the picture.

Meanwhile, close pals intimate that Sherinah has always had intricate affairs so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she is having her cake and eating it too.

Probably she couldn’t resist Magala’s good money; the guy owns various businesses and a Tours company in Ntinda, along Kisasi road.

It is not surprising that she allowed him to tour her Thighland and booty.

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