UNBS moves to implement meat standards

By Christine Kasemiire


Uganda National Bureau of Standards has said it will collaborate with other government agencies to sufficiently regulate the food sector, particularly the meat industry.
The meat sector, according to UNBS lacks proper standards implementation, which has resulted into abuse and a risk to consumers.
Speaking at a stakeholders meeting with the meat production value chain, Mr Hakim Mufumbiro, the UNBS acting manager standards, said there has been lack of proper implementation of standards in the meat value chain for more than a decade, which has prompted them to collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure that standards are enforced.
“Enforcement is still low in the meat sector but we have [built] collaborations with Ministry of Agriculture and other players to ensure that we leverage resources to implement standards,” he said.
However, Mr Mufumbiro said, inadequate resources will continue to be a challenge in the enforcement of standards across the country.
In an operation conducted around Kampala recently, it was found that meat traders were using illegal and dangerous chemicals to preserve meat, which exposes consumes to health hazards.
Asked if there have been cases of substandard meat on the market, Mr Mufumbiro said UNBS was yet to receive reports in that regard.
However, he urged consumers to raise a red flag when they become suspicions about the meat on the market. He noted there was a big challenge in the enforcement of standards in the beef and pork sector.
Ms Awilo Ochieng Pernet, the chairperson Codex Alimentarius Commission, an international standards body, who was in the country to celebrate World Food Safety Day, asked UNBS to come up with interventions to ensure that meat, right from the farmers to butchers, adheres to set standards to ensure it is good for consumption.


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