Ugandans poor because they envy the rich – Hamis Kiggundu

By Damali Mukhaye

Kampala- Kampala businessman Hamis Kiggundu has said majority of Ugandans are poor because they envy rich people in the county, and are fighting to bring them down.

Mr Kiggundu made the remarks while launching his book, Success and Failure Based on Reason and Reality, in Kampala yesterday.

“Many Ugandans hate successful people and I do not know why. Instead of approaching us on how we have become rich and successful, they will hate you passionately and fight to bring you down, which must come to an end if they are to develop individually and develop the country as a whole,” he said.

Mr Kiggundu also highlights the fear of investing as another stumbling block to wealth.
“Failures are so afraid of risking the little they have [in the] hope [of] more gain. They are so scared of making losses that they tightly hold [on to] the little they have and eventually end up spending it on survival in the long run. That is why the rich people have been using the poor man’s money saved in the bank and investing it to grow big businesses,” Mr Kiggundu added.

The book
The 16-chapter book also highlights the country’s education system as another factor that has barred majority of Ugandans, especially fresh graduates, from becoming rich.

“The outdated education the country is offering our students is useless to the extent [that] it is inconsistent with the prevailing challenges. …With the outdated education, you cannot expect our children to become [the] bright future of the nation. It is like sending a soldier to war with gun without bullets,” he said.

On his wealth
Mr Kiggundu also explained the sources of his money; he has been attacked by the public several times, with claims that powerful people have a hand in his success.

“My father gave me some reasonable capital to start small, where I started as a retailer and later as a wholesaler before upgrading to real estate. I hear majority of you saying that my success is attributed to government and politicians. That is wrong,” he explained.
He also cited dishonesty and inconsistency, among others, as problems.

He urged Ugandans to step out of their comfort zone, take risks of investing, plan and establish strategies that will see them become rich and contribute the tax base of their country.

Mr Kiggundu’s latest projects include the controversial demolishing of Nakivubo Stadium to pave way for redevelopment.

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