Ugandan MPs commend Israel inclusive frontier

By Moses Kyeyune

Ugandan lawmakers have commended Israel for her frontiers towards the unification of their country and region.

The MPs including Godfrey Kiwanda, Hamson Obua and the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Betty Aol Ochan were last evening paying a visit to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament located in Jerusalem.
Ms Aol said she was impressed by the patriotism of the Israelis for their country especially regarding socio-political and economic engagements.

She said that Ugandan government needs copy the same spirit and motivate its people, especially those in the civil service.

“What is it that will motivate the civil servants to work better and how can we address the issues of the civil servants; what is it that we should do that we have not done,” Aol asked.
She also said there was need to work together not only as the opposition but as a country to front a common agenda for development.

The Knesset uses a concept of a Public Petitions with a special committee which receives public concerns and act on them with expediency.
Ms Aol said this would be a good practice to be adopted by the Ugandan Parliament.

The lawmakers held a meeting with Israel legislators alongside other legislators and Government leaders from other African nations including Mali, Nigeria and Central African Republic.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Kiwanda lauded the peace processes being undertaken in Jerusalem, saying that the same is being pursued by Africa.

“We believe in living together in the spirit of pan-Africanism and we pray that this visit helps us to achieve our goals,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Yehuda Glick, a Member of Parliament for Likud in Israel and Leader of the Haliba coalition told the gathering that more efforts are being undertaken towards a complete and comprehensive freedom and civil rights for Jews.
He also commended US President Donald Trump for moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and called on other nations to unite with Jerusalem as per the Biblical Old Testament Covenant.

“As we mark the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel, the world [USA] begins recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel; this is a testament of God’s promise,” Mr Glick said.

The legislators are in Israel to attend the annual All Nations Convocation Jerusalem that brings together over 65 nations worldwide and gives Christians a chance to renew their faith in God and also places a platform for government leaders to meet and share ideas on how to improve governance.

Ajuri County MP Denis Hamson Obua noted that the convocation also gives participating nations including Uganda a chance to renew diplomatic ties with Israel, and create partnership opportunities.

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