Ugandan farmers for agribusiness visit in Ireland


They will attend the richly-attended National Ploughing Championships.

PIC: Some of the farmers posing with Eimear McDermott at the Irish Embassy in Kampala on Saturday. (Credit: Juliet Lukwago)


KAMPALA – As many as 16 farmers are headed for Ireland’s capital Dublin for an agribusiness trip organised by the Irish Embassy in Kampala.

Eimear McDermott, the Second Secretary at the embassy, the travelling group, who set off on Sunday, will meet and mingle with Irish farmers and also visit factories there.

They will also attend the National Ploughing Championships, Europe’s leading outdoor agricultural trade exhibition, which is expected to attract as many as 1,700 exhibitors this year.

McDermott said many farmers from around the world visit Ireland to enhance their knowledge of agribusiness and to draw inspiration from unique farming.

This is the second year Ugandan farmers Uganda to travel to Ireland to attend the National Ploughing Championships, which has been held since 1931.

The 16 farmers were flagged off at the Irish Embassy in Kampala on Saturday. It is the largest Ugandan delegation to ever travel to Irish at a go.

“A lot of work goes into organising these visits, and on that point, I thank the honorary consul of Uganda, Sylvia Kateete Gavigan, for the incredible work she has done, including planning this visit, said McDermott.

“This will continue to promote relations between Ireland and Uganda.”

The group will be in Ireland for a week, and are set to return on September 23.

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