Uganda flags off 100 to work in Middle East


Kampala. Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has flagged off more than 100 recruits to work in Middle East countries. He asked them to be exemplary, and earn Uganda a good reputation to enable others be considered for employment abroad.

“When you are working outside your country, you are ambassadors for us. Show love for your country by marketing Uganda’s potential as a good investment place, its good security record and (warm) welcome of people. Your patriotism for your country should be seen in words and actions,” he said.
He described working abroad as a useful and exciting venture for allowing exposure to new people and experience new working culture.

“You applied for jobs and you have got them. Please treasure the opportunities you have got and work hard where you will be placed,” Mr Ssekandi said.

Take advantage of opportunities
Speaking at the flagging off in Kampala on Saturday, the Vice President asked the candidates to adapt to new challenges to take advantage of the opportunities they received.
Middle East Consultants Limited (MECL), a recruitment company released the group that is scheduled to work in various companies as drivers, cleaners and security guards in the United Arab Emirates.

“When you earn money, do not spend it all but save so that you build capital to invest in productive things such as building a home, starting some business that can earn you more money and leading a better life. I advise the parents and families of the people working abroad to assist them in being faithful when they entrust you with their money to do them some work at home. Do not steal their hard earned money,” Mr Ssekandi said while commending MECL for sending 12,000 people to work abroad.

The managing director of MECL, Mr Gordon Mugyenyi, said the candidates who have already signed their two-year contracts will work in Dubai, and Qatar. He added that the recruits were granted employment visas to work at different outlets and that their income remain non-taxable revenue.
“All these people have signed contracts which are renewable. Under the same contracts, they are entitled for days off and leave which can be translated into monetary values in case someone wants to stay working,” said Mr Mugyenyi.
He cautioned the candidates to desist from flouting terms of the contracts.

Statistics. Uganda earns $35 million per month ($420 million per year) out of remittances of workers from Middle East. This accounts for 40 per cent of the remittances coming from abroad.

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