UBC Librarian Penetrates P.S Bigirimana’s Family


Indeed it pays to marry the rich family. Uganda Broadcasting Corporation librarian Malachi Kabaale can testify to this, after strategically penetrating the wealthy family of Pius Buigirimana, the prominent Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Gender.

Kabaale legalized his bonking sessions with Miriam Lwantale, a foster daughter of Elizabeth Bigirimana, who is also the Corporations Administrative manager at UBC.

The two have been dating for close to two years until they realized that they had had enough of bonking on credit.

The couple held their lavish wedding at Speke Resort Munyonyo last weekend and it is said to have been heavily facilitated by Madam Elizabeth.

Sources say that Miriam and Malachi hooked up during their internship training at the National broadcaster and their romance blossomed into a stable relationship.

Sources intimate that Miriam got backing from her mother who automatically lobbied for her the post of transport officer in one of the departments at UBC.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Miriam is struggling in the transport department where she was placed because of lacking expertise.

It is said that Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), which had over 20 cars, has seen most of them grounded due to mechanical breakdowns and poor management.

An insider revealed to us that UBC is struggling with the cars which are meant to transport news reporters for both of television and radio stations especially those who work at night.

We hear the corporation remained with only two cars; a Toyota Noah (UAA-973S) and G-Touring (UAA-972F).

Sources say all drivers have reached an extent of driving in shifts. All the cars are now grounded at a garage in Kamwokya called Collins Garage, which demands over Shs10m for maintenance.

There are several accusations that Miriam was given a department she couldn’t handle, which has caused all this mess.


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