Two suspects held over food theft in refugee camp


Police in Kyegegwa District are holding two people suspected of stealing food items meant for refugees at Kyaka II refugee settlement in Kyegegwa District.

The Kyegegwa District Police Commander, Mr Benon Byamukama confirmed to this reporter when contacted.
“I have two suspects in my custody that is all I can confirm,” Mr Byamukama said.

The suspects were allegedly caught stealing food items on Tuesday night.
However, earlier on, the Resident District Commissioner, Ms Mary Nyakweera had told this reporter that the suspects are 10.

“It is true, 10 have been arrested for stealing food items in the refugee settlement, the food items have been recovered, but the suspects are still held by police for further investigation,” Ms Nyakweera said.

DRC’s docket distributes food items from the stores of World Food Program (WFP) to the refugees.
Kyaka II receives about 500 refugees daily from DR Congo through Kisoro and Ntoroko districts due to unstable security in the North Kivu.

The settlement staff got a tip off that the food items are on sale in Kyegegwa and Hapuyo towns and started investigating the matter until some staff were allegedly seen loading some food items on trucks on Tuesday night.

Our sources said that the suspects have been ferrying food items at night and hide them nearby the settlement, and later ferry them to neighbouring trading centres.

The items include; several bags of posho and a number of jericans of cooking oil.

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