Treasure your mother tongue—Katikkiro Mayiga


Mayiga revealed that it is good to speak English and other languages, but the mother tongue is important.



Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga has asked Ugandans to be proud and treasure their mother tongue.

Mayiga revealed that it is good to speak English and other languages, but the mother tongue is important.

He made the call at Buddo Secondary School during his two-day tour of Kyengera Town Council and Nsangi sub-county in Wakiso district.

He also visited St. Catherine Primary School, Nsangi and Kawuma Male’s farm at Maya.

At Buddo, he was welcomed by director of the school, Lawrence Muwonge, the teachers and school management.

“Many people abroad speak their mother tongue, but here we take the mother tongue as minor; and Europeans are laughing at us,” Mayiga said.

Mayiga told students that education, talents and transparency are the tenets of life.

“Kabaka loves the young generation because they are the future of the kingdom. It is important to prioritise them so that our kingdom can have a bright future.”

“My dreams of becoming a lawyer started when I was in Primary Six, I focused on it, now I am yielding from my sweat. Young generation should start thinking of what you want to be in future, as well as working hard towards it,” he said.  
Mayiga also hailed farmers within Buganda for responding to the call of developing this country through farming. “Buganda Kingdom has strategic plan that focuses on leveraging all the kingdom’s resources to lift people out of poverty.”

Mayiga was accompanied by Buganda ministers, including his second deputy Hajji Twaha, Minister of tradition and culture, Yusuf Ggaganga, minister Hajji Kakomo and other senior officials of the kingdom.

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