Top pool stars eliminated from National Open contention


The knockout nature of the tournament means that they can only be spectators.

As much as the Nile Special National Pool Open is a cause for celebration, it isn’t without its casualties.

Over the weekend, a number of players saw their journey to the grand finale unceremoniously ended most notably some senior pool players.

The knockout nature of the tournament means that they can only be spectators hence forth.

Last season’s semi-finalist Cesar Chandiga was knocked out in Lira ending his chance to repeat his heroics from last year’s grand finale.

At D-Arena, Musa Ssekiliba fell victim and was knocked out, most disappointing for the CKI player is the fact that he lost at a familiar table because it is where his club plays in the league.

The women’s end has the most casualties because only 32 women will be in the grand finale unlike the men’s end of the draw that has 128.

On the opening weekend of the ladies regionals Nandaula Michelle was amongst the top casualties and of course the likes of Mai Nangendo and Carol Kanzira of Hot Pool.

“The competition levels have shot so high and of late the difference between junior players and senior ones is so small in the men’s category. For ladies it’s the reverse,” PAU Publicity Secretary Dennis Ngobi said.

The problem in the women’s game is that there is a gulf in class between the top players and the ones who are getting into the sport.

This is why there is quite a variety of players who have qualified from the men’s end and those that have qualified in the women’s end are a little more predictable.

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