Tips to keep your faith in time of setbacks


When I first met Joan Nakato (not real name) all she ever taked about was how to stay on course in her faith. She never missed any prayer sessions and fellowships. Whenever Nakato led prayers people seemed to be more in spirit. Her zeal and devotion was quite admirable. Three years down the road, due to unknown reasons, Nakato fell short of the devotion, no more prayers, fasting and fellowship became taboo.
“I believe and understand that at some point in life we all face setbacks but losing one’s relationship with God and giving up on prayer is something no believer should experience. I have tried to rebuild my spiritual relationship with God but God has never fallen short of his love for us. But because we are human, we each face setbacks in our faith.
Sharing a number of inspirational sermons, Fr Deogratias Kiibi Kateregga of Rubaga Cathedral shares tips to help believers keep rooted their faith in times of setbacks.
Fr Kateregga says, “Facing setbacks in what we believe is normal but how to overcome them is the problem for many believers. However, it is always good to believe in God, because if we do not find Him there we shall have anything to answer for but if we find Him there then we shall be safer.’’

Read holy books
Fr Kateregga says not many believers find time to read holy books because most of them wait for the day of going to their different places of worship. The word of God should be your daily meal because these books have records of people that have been changed by God. For example. like the bible talks of Paul, Job among others.
“Getting one to do personal reading of the holy books chapter after chapter might not be easy for many, but knowing some verses by heart and memorise them can be of help each time one is facing setbacks,” Fr Kateregga explains. He adds, “Some verses may need deeper explanation and may seem boring but seek help not only from religious leaders but also other devotees.”
The youthful priest adds devotional writings from individuals who share their experiences about God are a good inspiration especially in trying moments. In most cases these are people you might have never seen or heard of. Probably they have been through the same situation as you. “Such books encourage you and up lift your faith even in times of trial when anything seems to make sense,” he says.

Pray regularly
“Even at the weakest point of your life, prayer is the strongest weapon to uplift your faith but someone who does not pray is automatically mad e complicated by life situations,” he remarks.
Prayer is not a phone call we can hang up any time and call back at our convenience time but decide on how much time you give to God every day. However, recording what God has given and done for you also seek out friends for prayer support groups, or bible studies where conversation will help fuel your faith, not squelch it.

Attend to your regular obligations
Attend to your church or mosque meetings and demands each time you are called upon as a believer our places of worship will always call for say building projects, charity, among other obligations.
He says engaging in such activities will give you a sense of belonging, you will be known at your place of worship and in case of any challenges, it is the people you fellowship with that will stand by you. Besides, some churches have bible study, teachings and prayer will bring you together in all times.

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