Think before allowing to move in with your girlfriend

By Eugene Mugisha

So, why would any man want to give up his independence so easily? Because he probably thinks it is a good bargain. In his uninformed mind, he believes that if he moved in with his girlfriend he would be getting a good bargain; gain everything at no possible cost to himself. But, that is as far as it goes. In practice, no man should be that careless. Unless you are sure you can handle.

Sam was your typical kind of guy. He worked in a good company, made some good money, and could afford to live fairly comfortably. Sam also has, sorry, had a girlfriend, and he loved her. She loved him too, but maybe her love was more focused than his in a particular direction. He was not the kind of guy you would say is easy to manipulate, but when she tabled the idea of moving in together, he could hardly resist it. Her idea was; they move in together. They share the rent, they share the bills, and they get more time together. It seemed like a good arrangement and Sam knew he would gain alot by moving in together with his girlfriend.

Within two months, Sam knew he had made a mistake. He could no longer hang out with his friends every day of the week. There was someone waiting for him at home. And this person, unlike in his fantasies, did not welcome him with kisses and hugs when he got home drunk. She sulked, and gave him an attitude.

Also, he did not always have a hot looking girlfriend around the house. She woke up groggy eyed every day, and sometimes, she simply did not bother to look good for him.
Of course he was right about the house being spotlessly clean. It was clean, alright, but he had to do most of the work, so it seemed to him. She made him clean up after himself, and when he suggested getting a house help, she refused. Two months later, somehow, she wiggled out of having to pay her half of the rent, because she was covering household needs such as food.

She came with her furniture, for certain, but it was pretty girlish stuff. It killed his idea of a super-bachelor pad but he could not convince her to get rid of it. Instead, his recliner had to go because it did not fit in with the colour scheme. In short, when she was done, it was more of her apartment than his; her pictures were on the walls, her curtains were in the windows, and almost all his stuff had to be moved to the bedroom.

He felt like a visitor in his house and his friends just totally quit visiting. She cooked the meals, but he always had to be there to eat them. After just three months, he knew he had made a bad decision.

So, one Sunday, while watching one of her soaps, instead of a football game, he suggested that they start living separately once again. She turned on him like he had suggested she drinks rat poison, and asked him why he would even come up with such an absurd idea. She did not see anything wrong with their arrangement.

He told her he was suffocating and she looked hurt and disappointed. So, he dismissed the idea for the meantime because he knew that making her move out would not be easy.

However, three months later, he knew that he could not keep up the pretence anymore. But he knew he would never convince her to move out. So, he moved out himself, leaving everything they shared. In response, she dumped him.

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