The less third parties in your marriage, the better

By Christine Nakalungi

Culturally, we are raised to welcome everyone who comes to our home. As you do so, put in mind that not everyone who smiles at you wishes you well. You can welcome as many people in your life and home as you wish but be smart to set boundaries when it comes to your marital affairs. Some people will genuinely care about you but others are just wolves wrapped in sheep skin.

As you watch your wedding videos, you may be blown away by the many people who attended you wedding, you might know some of the guests and others might just be party crushers who just love free food and entertainment. Most people might smile and hug you but do not be deceived; it takes more than a smile to discern a good person from the bad one. You should not be tempted to let everyone into your marriage. Most people do not actually care whether you are still married or in court seeking to annul the marriage.

Marriage is sacred and should be kept that way. When two become one, you live a life of oneness. Do not rush to friends and family every time you have a misunderstanding with your spouse. More so, you might need to keep the good news to yourself, some people are keeping you close with an intent to harm you; do not fall prey.

Your good news might be a nightmare to your enemies. It is true, people are wicked and they might ruin your life in a second if given a chance. Some people might be jealous, envious or covetous. They are just hungry snakes lying under the grass in wait for who to bite.
Sarah was Sheila’s ‘good’ friend. Sheila trusted her with secrets that no one knew of. When Sheila got married, Sarah became jealous; she plotted a way to change positions with Sheila. She believed that she deserved the ring, husband and the beautiful home since she was prettier than Sheila. Sheila naively opened her home and marriage to her not knowing that she was inviting the nightmare which would torment her and her husband.

Sarah did all she could to turn the tables but God must have been on Sheila’s side, her husband was faithful and turned Sarah’s offer down. When Sheila found out, she cried saying, “I trusted you, how could you do this to me?” Sarah shamelessly asked, “Have I ever asked you to trust me?” This was an eye opener to Sheila. Invite as many people into your marital affairs at your own risk.

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