Teargas rocks Rukungiri town


The regional Police spokesperson, Elly Maate, said that FDC did not seek permission to have the planned prayers in the stadium.

The Forum for Democratic Change president, Patrick Amuriat Oboi and KiZza Besigye spent the whole OF Monday in Besigye’s house, located in Rwakabengo, Rukungiri municipality after Police blocked them from leaving the house.

The opposition leaders were scheduled to attend a thanksgiving ceremony at Rukungiri Stadium.

The regional police spokesperson, Elly Maate said that FDC did not seek permission to have the planned prayers in the stadium.


“They were only allowed to have prayers in any church but not in the stadium as they had planned, we have to come in and stop their plans,” he said.

However, the Rukungiri FDC chairperson, Vulginia Kyarugahe, said they have a permission from the Inspector general of Police, which they presented to police in Rukungiri but refused them to have prayers.


She said they were planning to have general prayers for one Bernard Baronda and Edson Kato who were shot dead IN 2001.

Bernard Baronda was shot during 2001 presidential campaigns while Edson Kato was shot in October last year during the campaign against Constitutional amendment on lifting age limit.

The businesses in Rukungiri were halted for over five hours as the Police fought with crowds who were burning tyres all over the Rukungiri streets.


Teargas was spread all over the town to disperse crowds in vain. About 45 people were arrested and taken to Ntungamo Police Station.

The FDCs’ secretary for mobilization, Ingrid Turinawe was arrested from FDC office on Rubabo road.

Darius Tweyambe, the FDC governor for Kigezi region said a rescue team that comprises of lawyers and other prominent people were sent to Ntungamo to rescue those arrested.


“We have hope in the group sent to rescue our people, I hope they will be released since they don’t have any case to answer,” he said.


He added that another aim of thanksgiving was to raise funds to support FDC supporters who were have been tortured and need to go to India for further examination.


“We even have a lot of debts in Nyakibale Hospital where most of our supporters got treatment after getting serious injuries during the scuffle with security,” he said.


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