Suspected criminals surrender stolen police gun with 27 bullets missing


Two suspects who allegedly beat up a police constable in Oyam District before stealing his gun on July 1, 2018 have surrendered the rifle to authorities after emptying it.
The suspects allegedly assaulted police constable Tonny Aluku, before they grabbed his AK47 with 30 rounds of ammunition and fled with it.
The suspects escaped from custody at Oyam Central Police Station where they had been held on charges of aggravated robbery under case file reference number CRB: 329/2018.
They had been arrested on June 18, 2018 for allegedly robbing a woman of her Bajaj motorcycle registration UER 593C.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr David Ongom Mudong, confirmed the duo surrendered the gun to the village Local Council I chairman for Acimi village in Myene Sub County before fleeing again.
“We recovered the rifle when the assailants surrendered it to their LCI chairperson and took off. They are still on the police wanted list and they will be tracked down,” Mr Ongom said.
He said the gun was returned with only three bullets, adding that the suspects claimed they used the other 27 bullets in Murchison Falls National Park in Nwoya District.

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The Oyam Resident District Commissioner, Ms Gillian Akullo, also the district chairperson, security committee, said her team was still hunting for the assailants.
“We want to get them so that they can give us the remaining 27 bullets,” she said.
However, PC Aluku who was arrested over negligence while on duty was later released on police bond.

This is not the first time police officers are attacked, killed and their guns were stolen. More than six police officers were attacked last year, and their guns were stolen.

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