Supreme Court calls off Jamwa’s appeal hearing


KAMPALA. The Supreme Court has scrapped from the case list, the appeal of former managing director of National Social Security Fund (NSSF) that was scheduled for hearing next week.

David Chandi Jamwa went to Supreme Court challenging the 12-year jail term upheld by the Court of Appeal.
But at the last minute, court scrapped off his appeal because the quorum of judges won’t be available.

“The quorum won’t enough to hear Jamwa’s appeal. However, another case list will be made to have the matter heard and disposed of,” the Judiciary Public Relations Officer, Vincent Mugabo said.

In January this year, Jamwa petitioned the Supreme Court challenging the decision by Court of Appeal upholding his 12-year jail sentence by the Anti-corruption Court.

Through his lawyer David Mpanga, Jamwa told court that he was dissatisfied with the decision of justices of Court of Appeal; Rubby Opio Aweri and Kenneth Kakuru of upholding and confirming the Anti-corruption court conviction and sentence.

In his appeal, Jamwa stated that he was also aggrieved with the two justices’ decision of re-evaluating evidence from the Anti-corruption court, convicting him of abuse of office and consequently sentencing him to serve a four-years term in Luzira prison.

Justices Kenneth Kakuru and Rubby Opio Aweri wrote the majority judgment in which they agreed with retired Anti-Corruption court judge John Bosco Katutsi that the act of Jamwa selling the government bonds held by NSSF to Crane Bank before their maturity dates, caused the Fund a financial loss of Shs3.1b.

“We are in agreement with trial judge that the sake of the bonds before maturity constituted a financial loss to the Fund. The appellant was much aware that the sale would cause a loss to NSSF but he sold them anyway,” ruled the majority judges.

Then deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma, refused to sign his dissenting judgment.
The Court noted that they could not reduce on Jamwa’s-12 year sentence since he had not asked so.

The judges after evaluating the evidence, found out that there was sufficient evidence to sustain the charge of causing financial loss to NSSF and abuse of office.

However Justice Stella Arach-Amoko of the Supreme Court granted Jamwa who had spent about four months in jail a cash bail of Shs10million saying that he had satisfied all the bail conditions for a convict to be released on bail pending hearing of appeal.

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