Stay fit when travelling

By Zuurah Karungi

Many people go off their fitness schedule when travelling. Robert Ddamulira, a fitness instructor at Robbie Fitness, notes that you can still work out while travelling and also when you reach your destination.

Stretching is the easiest exercise one can do when travelling since you are seated in a single position. You can do leg stretches by using back and forward stroke, to strengthen the muscles. This will help you reduce muscle cramps. Alternatively, Ddamulira notes that if you can stand, make simple bends while holding your waist and this will loosen your back muscles.

Emmanuel Kakuba, a frequent traveller, says he always walks to where he is to sleep as opposed to getting a taxi saying this helps him fight fatigue. Ivan Kiwanuka, a gym instructor, explains that walking is a commendable exercise that is even more effective than running.
“You can walk to your hotel room or to and from your workshop. This will also help you see the sites,” he adds.
Onekalit notes that you can choose to do aerobics in the comfort of your room. Switch on your favourite music either on your phone or TV and dance to the tunes in a workout mode until you sweat. This will also help you lose a number of calories.

Doing yoga will leave you mentally stable and healthy. Meditation keeps one off thought hence giving you a peace of mind from wherever you are as well as increase your muscle strength. You do not need any material to do yoga in case you have not carried your mat. Sit on the floor and put off distractions such as TV, phone.

Sit-ups involve lying on your back on a flat surface with the legs glued on the floor and lift your upper body to and fro in a repeated manner. Ddamulira says sit-ups help you get rid of excess fat in your stomach, increase muscle flexibility and reduce back pain.

Kiwanuka says skipping is more effective than running because it puts the whole body in motion, hence creating a general body effect. Skipping will help you burn six to 10 calories a day and could be used as an option for running. It strengthens the lower and upper body and increases blood circulation. The beauty about skipping is that you can do it from your hotel room and still achieve your desired goal.

This includes bending or sitting with one’s knees bent and heels close to or touching one’s buttocks or the back of one’s thighs.
Ddamulira notes that these improve digestion, burn calories and help increase upper and lower body mobility because they are whole-body workouts. Five to 10 squats are enough.

Eat healthy
Avoid junk and oily foods, take a lot of fruits and water, natural juice could also be a great option. This will help keep your body hydrated and also reduce chances of adding fat.

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