State asks court to convict man who shot teacher dead


State has asked High Court to convict a 27-year-old security guard charged with murdering a teacher of Rainbow International School.
The accused person was security guard at Blue Hackle Security. He denied the charge of murdering, Ms Rose Kigongo, a woman he had been deployed to guard.

During mitigation, the prosecutor, Ms Sylvia Namawejje asked court to convict the suspect asserting that firing a bullet in a place close to the heart is a sign that the accused person had intent to murder.

“We found that the cause of Kigongo’s death was the nature of weapon used. The deceased was shot in the back and the bullet came through the left side of breast which affected her heart,” Ms Namawejje explained.

She explained that a neighbour heard the deceased shouting for help and when she came to her rescue, she saw the accused pointing a gun at the deceased.

The neighbour tried to intervene but he turned the gun to her. This forced her to run back to her house.

Ms Namawejje said that this neighbour’s evidence was corroborated with that of Mr Anthony Mukama, the manager at the security company, who was present when the accused signed for the gun. That he testified the accused never returned the gun to the office that day.

She also argued that evidence from the government ballistic expert confirmed that the type of gun used could not just discharge a bullet accidentally.

Court further heard from prosecution that the suspect upon shooting Ms Kigongo dead on June 27, 2014, ran into hiding in the Kasese-Bundibugyo mountains until October 7, 2014, when police managed to find clues leading to his arrest.

In his unsworn defence testimony, the suspect denied shooting the deceased asserting that he was disarmed by some thieves who used his gun in the murder.

Prosecution contends that in 2014 the suspect, who was working as a security guard at Notre-dem Apartments in Ggaba, a city suburb, shot dead Ms Kigongo a resident at the apartment suspecting her of being in possession of huge sums of money.

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