Singer Haruna’s New Catch Stirs Marriage


Reports from Kream Production band indicate that Haruna Mubiru, who is the band boss, is involved in secret marital woes with one of his wives Rauda Mubiru, daughter of tycoon Gaster Lule Ntakke.

Sources say that the bickering stems from a recent new ‘Haki’, who, Hajji is preparing to add onto his other two existing wives.

It is said that Hajji has been in an affair with an upcoming singer identified as Kemi Sera, who is also the mother of one of his tots.

It is said that Hajji and Kemi Sera were seeing each other for close to one year before she was recruited into his Kream Production band.

Singer Haruna’s New Catch Stirs Marriage
Hajji Haruna Mubiru

However, last year when Rauda learnt about Hajji and Kemi Sera’s affair, she fumed seriously. But it was too late and as a way of cooling off the anger, she travelled to the US for six months, where she stayed with her sister.

Meanwhile, she later returned to Uganda because of her children. Pals reveal that these days Rauda is putting much energy in minding her business in Kikubo instead of their marriage, after getting disappointed by Hajji.

Sources say that Hajji is these days paying much attention to Kemi Sera, while ignoring the first wives.

Meanwhile, Snoops intimate that Hajji’s second wife Hadijja Lumala is very silent, perhaps because she knew what to expect when she got married to him; in as a far as Islamic faith is concerned.

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