She went solo but is still attached to a band


What is it like doing music as a solo artiste and a lead singer ?
It feels the same. The only difference is, I can perform at the same event with the band and change my hairstyle to fit the solo artiste bill.

You have always been in S and S Band, what inspired you to go solo?
With a band, you have to prove people that you are not there as a singer with backups and instrumentalists but you can also sing on your own.

How do you balance your act?
Just like marriage it puts me under pressure. I get time to be in the studio since I only get to perform on Thursdays at Speke Hotel and Friday at Rumours Bar in Bukoto. Balancing my time and keeping my relationship cordial is key.

Which of the two has most fans?
I have different fans, the live band gave me corporate class that support me with the band and then the everyday people know and love me as the solo singer. On the whole they are many.

Do you ever consider giving up on the band?
No, I want my music career to work hand in hand with the live band. When I choose to only do live band then it means I will never get chance to do my original songs because the live band is mostly about doing covers from other artistes.

Bands are known for backing artistes, do you still back up since you are in a band?
Since I had a solo career, I perform in a band but I don’t back up any artiste. Backing up an artiste means I have gone back to the maiden days of my music career. I cannot.

What have you achieved as a solo artiste?
I have pushed myself for results and I am planning to start my own band.

Does it mean will quit S and S band?
Starting a band does not mean quitting the other because one person can perform for more than two bands.

Which particular artistes’ music do you listen to?(locally and internationally)
I listen to any one with good music or any nice song.

Do you write your own music?
Yes, but sometimes I get help from others such as Ray Signature, Fyno, Geosteady and Ratigan.

What plans do you have for the future?
I do not like talking about my future.

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