She is my boss at church


When and how did you meet?
Paul: We go to the same church and she is my boss there (an administrator) and I’m a youth pastor. I used to see her often as we worked together. However, I got to meet her in person during a church mission in Buwenga in December 2015. I got to spend more time with her and chanced on seeing her without makeup in the morning.

Sandra: After the mission on December 31, he asked to visit me as soon as we got back to Kampala. As a friend and workmate, I did not hesitate. We met January 2, 2016 and henceforth, he occasionally visited me. During one of the visits, he opened up about his motive. I thought he was teasing me because he was funny.

When did you get close and how?
Sandra: I can hardly remember but we had been in touch. When I was travelling to China, to my surprise, he was at the airport to see me off yet I had not told him about my trip.

When was your first date?
Paul: I took her out on Valentine’s Day in 2016. I thought she would reject my proposal as she had turned down a number of my proposed visit dates. On that day, she gave in. We had a wonderful time as I poured out my heart to her and our conversations dwelt around our past relationships.
Sandra: From that day, I started believing that he was serious.

For how long did your courtship last?
Paul: About three months, after which I was ready to settle down. I felt there was nothing more to change about her.

Did he propose to you?
Sandra: Yes, on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at Cafe Javas on Kira Road.

Why did you choose that day?
Paul: I love surprises and it was my birthday. I suspected that she was preparing a surprise party for me though I did not know the venue. So, I had to use that opportunity and make it better by proposing to her. However, if I had taken her out she would have suspected or even refused to come over.

What was your reaction?
Sandra: I felt like the proposal had come earlier than I expected and I thought we needed some more time as we had dated for only three months.

Did you reject the proposal?
Sandra: Initially, I felt like he had rushed but I came to terms with it and accepted it.

What attracted you to each other?
Paul: Sandra is understanding, Godly and looked mature enough to settle down.
Sandra: Paul is God-fearing – one thing that unites us. He is handsome, friendly and a family person.

How long did it take you to plan for your wedding?
Sandra: As soon as after he had proposed. However, Paul wanted us to wed by November 2016 but I asked him to slow down. So, we changed the wedding date to April 20, 2017 although we ended up having it on May 13, 2017 as the venue for the reception had already been booked.

Where did you get your attire from?
Paul: I bought my suit at Shs250, 000 from Develop Textile Suits.
Sandra: I wanted a gown from Sister’s Bridals but they were too expensive yet we had a lot to accomplish. I ended up with a friend who imports gowns and I rented one at Shs900, 000.

What was your wedding eve like?
Paul: I was anxiously waiting for the next day. My best man and I went to the salon at 5am. Church service started at midday and one hour later, we were pronounced husband and wife after which we went to the gardens. It was beautiful.
Sandra: My father walked me down the aisle, however I did not realise it was my wedding day until I heard the pastor say Mrs Byengoma. The rest of the day was a blessing as the weather was good, apart from the drink service providers who arrived late.

How much did your rings cost?
Paul: We bought them from Janet Jewellery at Shs500, 000 each.

What was the most expensive item?
Sandra: Food. We paid Shs6m.

Where did you go for honeymoon?
Paul: We spent three days at Pearl beach, Kalangala Island. It cost us Shs1m.
What did you enjoy the most during your honeymoon?
Sandra: Even with my waterphobia, I for the first time took a chance and made it and enjoyed my new life away from work.

What challenges did you face during your wedding preparations?
Paul: When money is not coming at the right time everything seems to slow down yet time is flying fast.

Did you have any debts after the wedding?
Sandra: No, I thank God we were able to cover all our costs before the wedding day and managed to remain with cash of Shs 500, 000.

What is your advice for those planning to wed?
Paul: Most people fear to negotiate with the service providers and end up with debts forgetting that what you pay for is what you get and this does not make you poor, or less human.
Sandra: You can get what you deserve within your means because it is your day. No matter what, all the attention will be on you as the groom and his bride.

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