Self-proclaimed prophet survives lynching after vandalizing grave in Omoro


A self-proclaimed prophet has survived lynching by irate mob that descended on him in Omoro District after being accused of vandalizing a grave.

Mr Batingira Okumu, the leader of Yecu aye Got Makwo “Jesus is a living stone Ministries” reportedly vandalized a grave in Lajwa Tek village, Koro Sub County on Tuesday night while allegedly removing fetishes from the grave.

According to reports from local authorities, Okumu was allegedly invited by Philip Oloyotyet to remove fetishes from the grave of his brother who was buried in January this year after dying under unclear circumstances.

Okumu’s luck however run out on Wednesday morning when the family members and other locals within the community caught him after discovering parts of the grave had been dug out.

Ms Filder Ajok, a sister to the decease whose grave was vandalized told Daily Monitor in an interview on Thursday that the family members got irritated by the actions of Okumu who disturbed the peace of their late brother.

He noted that although the family members had been experiencing bizarre night mares and hearing weird sounds at night times, they had never sought for intervention of Okumu to help them.

“Ever since the death of our brother, many strange things have been happening but we always sought for prayers. We never invited Okumu to help us; we were surprised to find out that the grave of our brother had been tampered with by Okumu,” she said.

Ms Ajok added that Okumu also dug several holes within the family compound and on the floor of two houses alleging to be looking for charms hidden in the area.

“We want local authorities to ban his activities in this community, he doesn’t preach Christianity, he is a threat to people,” Ms Ajok said.

The Koro Sub County Chairperson, Mr Justine Odong, said they had to intervene with police to rescue Okumu from the mob who were beating him.

Mr Odong said the activities of Okumu including his church had been banned from operating in the area in the past since his actions were not related to God’s work, but instead a witch doctor.

“It was a shock to us witnessing such happening in our area for the first time. We have since banned him from visiting the members in the community,” Mr Odong said.

Mr Odong added that the self-proclaimed prophet in his statement at Koro Police Post where he was briefly detained said he had gone to get rid of evil spirits which had been attacking people in that home.

In February last year, Mr Severino Lukoya Kibero, a self-proclaimed prophet and father to late Alice Lakwena was rescued by police from angry mob in Agago District who wanted to lynch him over what they termed as preaching false prophesies.

Mr Lukoya is the leader of the New Jerusalem Tabernacle Church in Gulu Municipality where he preaches a mixture of Acholi traditional religion, Christianity and Islam.

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