Samsung Note7 Debacle: UCC Undecided As Rwanda Bans Importation Of ‘Exploding Gadget’


By Alex Masereka

Uganda’s communications watchdog, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has said it is still undecided on whether or not to ban the defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the Ugandan Market.

The Note 7 was recalled last month after battery fires, but when replacement phones experienced the same problem, Samsung scrapped the device.

The recalled phones account for 1 million of the 2.5 million headsets that were manufactured. However, since it was announced, the number of exploding note 7’s has quadrupled forcing the manufacturer to ask all users to shut down their phones for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority (RURA), on Wednesday, announced that it had banned the importation and distribution of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the Rwanda market.

The premium phone, launched in August, was meant to compete with Apple’s new iPhone 7 at the top of the smartphone market.

Despite the setback, Samsung Electronics still expects to make 5.2 trillion won (£3.7bn) in operating profit during the third quarter after the recall cost.

In a statement, RURA acting director-general Patrick Nyirishema said the move was due to safety reasons and urged consumers who may have individually bought them abroad to power them down and return them to sellers.

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