Quest for municipality splits Bundibugyo leaders


The quest for a municipal status has divided political leaders in Bundibugyo with the district speaker alleging that his life is under threat.
Mr Moses Bagambe told the district council meeting on Wednesday that he has received a number of threats from undisclosed individuals who accuse him of suppressing the elevation of Bundibugyo Town Council to a municipality.
On the other hand, council leaders accuse the district chairperson, Mr Ronald Mutegeki, and Mr Bagambe of fighting the elevation of the town council to a municipality in preference to Nyahuka Town Council.

Mr Bagambe said the report from the town council seeking the district council’s approval for a municipality status had a lot of anomalies.
“Rule 52 of the standard rules of procedure sub- rule one, paragraph (i) says, it shall be out of order to make submissions without substantive evidence, any document that is not signed is not legally recognised as true information. Here is the letter that I received which is not signed and does not have minutes, I am being challenged harassed, intimidated and threatened for the truth. My life is at stake,” Mr Bagambe said.
He added: “Basing on these facts, I halt the discussion of the proposed Bundibugyo municipality until further notice.”
Bundibugyo Town Council is the main town and the major commercial centre of the district. It was established in 1974, the same time Bundibugyo District local government was created and since then Bundibugyo Town Council has been operating as a semi-autonomous urban council.
According to the town council chairperson, Mr Edward Kakonge, the agitation for a municipal status is due to the increased demand of services brought about by increase in population.
He said Bundibugyo Town Council currently has a population of 100,000 people.
Mr Kakonge accused the district leaders of foiling the elevation of Bundibugyo Town Council due to selfish interests.
“We submitted all the necessary documents to the district speaker and other district authorities but to my surprise, I heard that the request was shunned to the preference of Nyahuka Town Council due to our political differences,” he said.

Procedure issue
But Mr Mutegeki dismissed the allegations, saying;“It seems Bundibugyo Town Council has failed to follow the rightful procedures for the request of a municipal status.”
The district youth male councillor, Mr John Tibesigwa, said denying Bundibugyo Town Council a municipality status deprives the local communities.
“If we are to serve our people without discrimination the town council deserves elevation. Remember this is not a one man’s show it is a community concern,” Mr Tibesigwa said.

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