Police search for man who stabbed father in-law to death


APAC- Police in Apac District are hunting for a man who allegedly stabbed his father in-law, killing him instantly.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr David Ongom Mudong said detectives have launched a hunt for Emmanuel Acobi who allegedly stabbed his father in-law, Yuventino Akaki, a resident of Omulukere village, Aketo Parish, Ibuje Sub-county in Apac District.

According to preliminary investigations, Mr Ongom said, the suspect followed the deceased to his home at about 1am on Friday.

He reportedly grabbed and dragged him to an isolated point about 100 meters away and used a knife to stab him to death.

He said a murder case against the fugitive has been reported at Apac Central Police Station.

Cases of fatal domestic fights are not rare in Apac District.

In February, a 22-year woman accidentally hit her father on the head with a piece of wood, killing him instantly, as she attempted to intervene in a fight between her parents.

According to a 2014 Apac District Police crime report, 376 people were killed as a result of aggravated domestic violence.



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