Police lose four guns in Masaka region


KAMPALA- Police are investigating circumstances under which four guns have reportedly gone missing from three policemen and a District Police Commander (DPC) in the greater Masaka region, recently.

Sources at Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) said a team of seven investigators from the Flying Squad Unit (FSU) has been dispatched to trace for the guns which have reportedly been used in two highway robberies.

A senior detective at CID said three AK47 guns and a pistol belonging to a DPC were stolen in a space of  13 days, creating suspicion that policemen could be conniving with criminals to steal guns from the force.

“We are trying to establish circumstances under which these guns went missing from the hands of our policemen in a very short period. We also want to understand why it took long for CID headquarters to be notified about the missing guns,” a senior detective, who preferred anonymity to speak freely, said.

The greater Masaka police spokesperson, Mr Lameck Kigozi, as well as Mr Emilian Kayima, the police spokesperson, failed to respond to this reporter’s repeated phone calls.

However, CID spokesperson, Mr Vincent Ssekatte, said he was yet to get information regarding the ongoing investigations.

 “I haven’t been briefed by anyone about that investigation. But I will look for the investigating officers before I  give you the right information,” Mr Ssekatte said.

A senior detective intimated to Daily Monitor that two policemen have been arrested since their accounts on how the guns were stolen from them were not adding up.

He said that the DPC whose pistol was stolen had been summoned to the Professional Standards Unit to record a statement.

“We have some suspects in custody and we are tracing for more. Our tracking team from FSU is doing everything possible to have these guns recovered,” the detective said.

 Police said two suspected civilian accomplices have been arrested while about four are still at large.

A senior investigator said the missing guns are suspected to have been used in two highway robberies in which passengers travelling in a minibus and a semi-truck carrying goods were robbed at gun point.

A  2017 FSU report revealed that 23 out of 50 guns recovered from criminals bore police and army marks.




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