Police impound four trucks ferrying illegal logs


KITGUM. Police in Kitgum District have impounded four trailer trucks loaded with logs of the endangered Africana Afzelia tree species.

The trucks were impounded during an impromptu operation led by the deputy commander of the Environmental Protection Police Unit, Mr Simon Peter Okoshi.

The logs were reportedly cut from Lamwo District and were being transported to unknown destination in Kampala.

Mr Okoshi said that one of the four trailers was found to be carrying teak logs suspected to have been cut from South Sudan. The other trucks had Afzelia Africana trees and bag of charcoal.

“We arrested 12 suspects in our operation and are currently detained at Kitgum Central Police Station as investigations continue,” he said.

Despite the Ministry of Water and Environment issuing a temporary ban on harvest and trade of Afzelia Africana trees species and Shea nut trees, the public seem not to heed to the ministry’s directive.

Trade in these tree species has been on the rise in Acholi Sub-region due to their high demands from Asia.


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