Police dig Catholic priest’s grave in search of treasure


BULAMBULI- The exhumation of the body of a Ugandan Catholic priest, who died in the US in 2014 and buried in his ancestral Bulambuli District, is underway.

A Magistrate’s Court in Mbale ordered police to exhume the body of Rev Fr Peter Bwayo after some of his relatives complained that his death was likely a result of foul play.

This followed an incident last month when some individuals who described themselves as emissaries of the Order of Apostles of Jesus, the order to which Fr Bwayo belonged, approached his relatives to authorise exhumation of the body to retrieve unspecified treasures in the casket.

There was drama as the Bulambuli District Police Commander, Mr Alfonso Musoni appeared abruptly by the grave side to stop the exercise on grounds that he had not been notified.

The exhumation was halted for a couple of hours until the police director for Health Services, Dr Moses Byaruhanga, showed up.
He briefed the agitated residents about the exercise before asking them to create space for police to carry out the work.

Dr Byaruhanga said they would remove the body and take it to a designated place.

Daily Monitor understands that the body will be taken to Bugeme near Mbale town, to extract specimens for a fresh autopsy.
Fr Bwayo died in Florida in June and was buried a month later in Uganda amid a row between his family and the Order of the Apostles of Jesus.

A July 3, 2014 death certificate allegedly issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics showed the Catholic priest, who had lived in the US for 20 years, suddenly succumbed to anoxic brain injury (oxygen deprivation) and sepsis.


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