Platinum Tours Boss Wrecks Honeymooners’ Romance


A bitter war is raging on between Jacqueline Kemirembe, the boss of Platinum Tours and Travel Company and her clients, whose honeymoon she recently wrecked.

Snoops reveal that the saga started when Kemirembe’s client only identified as Brian, paid money to Platinum Tours, for his honeymoon that he was to enjoy with his bride in Dubai. However, despite having been promised a jovial honeymoon full of merrymaking, Brian and his bride almost collapsed after suffering intolerable embarrassment, which they blame on Platinum Tours and Travel. \

After enduring the gruesome ordeal, Brian and his wife returned to Uganda, where he decided to unleash a backlash on the company by posting the following statement on social media;

“I have always defended our customer service industry as young and learning but Platinum Tours and Travel reached a new low on my honeymoon. They approached me with some offers for my honeymoon and I was gullible enough to accept and pay upfront. In return they failed to get our visas on time and left us stranded in Ebbs, then they messed up the reservations and booked us for check out a day early. Imagine my horror when a ‘Van/Kamunye’ arrived to pick us from our romantic honeymoon dinner on a yacht…We were squeezed into the damn thing 4 each row…including screaming kids. Then taken not to a yacht but an old Arabian dhow full of disgusting people smoking shisha. Meanwhile, all this time I was in contact with the company in Uganda and they just kept giving excuses. On the third day of our honeymoon we were thrown out of our hotel room because our reservation had expired. Frantic calls and messages were ignored and when my sister in Uganda tried to intervene, Joan (the agent) hang up on her.    On our return, they put me and my wife on different return flights; hers going from Nairobi to Bangui then to Ebbs and arriving 8 hours after me. Again I called Joan and she rudely told me that there were no seats on my flight.  When I checked online there were seats on my flight and eventually I met the expense of changing her flight so we could travel back together. In short, Platinum Tours and Travel made my honeymoon hell. It’s a shame that people in the customer service industry can be so callous and heartless about their own customers. We need to wake up as Ugandans and stop being taken for granted and agitate for our rights as consumers.

Platinum Tours and Travel…. Style up or close shop”

However, in reply, one of the company’s bosses replied to Brian’s grievances by posting thus;

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You will not crush Platinum with your lies who pay 1100 for a honeymoon really, and expects heaven on earth. Put your knowledge to sensible work and be able to plan a honeymoon like normal men. Thank you for posting in numerous groups but believe me Brian this is all jealousy you are a looser who is so ungrateful for I incurred over 500usd to make your mess right you had no money and paid 1 day to departure who does that and you have the nerve to try destroy me. Go ahead and I hope it earns you money to feed your family. You ungrateful pig and desist from calling me your friend   I have never and will never be broke a*s!!!”

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