Pirates on the brink


Sixteen points is the kind of leverage Buzz Pirates have over second-placed Toyota Buffaloes in the Guinness National Rugby Sevens Series. The Pirates hierarchy could not be blamed if they kicked off celebrations last week with a leg to go. After losing the Edward Kitaka Memorial final 5-0 to Buffaloes last week, Pirates’ Ivan Magomu buried the disappointment in the fact they were still ahead by 16 points and that they were champions elect.
“We are not happy with today’s result. Everyone came to win but unfortunately things didn’t go well. But we are ahead and as good as champions,” Magomu told SCORE then.

The Sea Robbers have been favourites from kick-off to date, winning three rounds in Kyadondo, Legends and Jinja but what are the odds of the ship breaking down with the shores in sight? Buffaloes will hope to win tonight’s series final at Kyadondo and pray Pirates pick up nothing. Hardly possible!

Buffaloes’ two-time MVP, this campaign, Steven Alul thinks all but nothing is impossible. “We are going to do our best like any other day. At Kyadondo, we feel at home and playing with a lot of support. We will do all we can and see what happens,” a hopeful Alul told SCORE.

It’s also bound to be the first time in the last three years that Betway Kobs have not ended up on the podium. Sitting third with 117 points, Kobs can only look forward to next year as they go about their transition.
As the games wear on from as early as 10am, Guinness, the tournament sponsors, are to set up a fan park on the rear side of Kyadondo RFC to give the fans one last hurray as the series go to bed.


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