Pastor Mulinde fears for his life after home is burgled



A city pastor is fearful for his life after thugs broke into his house and stole property worth sh30m.

Pastor Umar Mulinde an acid survivor said the incident has scared him and he fears that his life is in danger despite having Police escorts.

“Regardless of the fact that I am guarded by Police, thugs succeeded to break into my home at night without being noticed,” Mulinde said.

He said the incident happened at around midnight on Tuesday as the thugs ransacked his house in Kawuku along Entebbe Road but did not manage to reach his bedroom and no one was injured. Electornic gadgets were stolen in the incident.

“I narrowly survived this and I must really thank God,” he said.

Mulinde of Gospel Life Church International was attacked in 2011 and acid was poured on his face. He had to seek specialised treatment in Israel.

“When acid is poured on a person, the result is horrifying, it causes the skin tissue to melt often exposing the bones below the flesh and sometimes dissolving the bones,” he said.

He said the Tuesday incident was reported to Kisubi Police Station.

According to Mulinde, his fears have been compounded by the fact that the case files of the acid attack have gone missing.

He said since the case was instituted he went to Special Investigation Unit and was told to check with Kampala Central Police Station who also told him they do not have the files. They referred him to office of Inspector General of Police and outcome was the same.

When contacted, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Luke Owoyesigire, said an investigation of the robbery has commenced and that the public will be updated.

Asked how the thugs managed to sneak into Mulinde’s house which is guarded by two Policemen, Owoyesigire said the duo is going to be changed.

On Mulinde fearing for his life, Owoyesigire urged Mulinde to report to Police if he is suspicious that some people are after his life and that Police will swing into action.

Commenting on the missing case files Police spokesman Patrick Onyango said he was going to check Police records before commenting.

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