NRM’s Matsiko cries foul, wants Rukungiri by-election results nullified

By Edson Kinene

The Former Rukungiri woman Member of Parliament (MP) Winifred Matsiko has appealed to the High Court in Kabale to nullify the election of Betty Bamukwatsa Muzanira, as the new Rukungiri woman MP.

Ms Matsiko, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party candidate in the May 31by-election 2018 lost the Rukungiri Woman MP seat to Muzanira.

Ms Matsiko accuses Muzanira of using abusive language and hate-speech during campaign rallies. She says that her rival told constituents that she is a thief who does not qualify to be re-elected into parliament.

“I want the opposition, especially Betty Muzanira, to prove to the High court that I rigged elections. They even say that I had over 10,000 pre-ticketed ballot papers during the May 31, 2018 by-elections,” Ms Matsiko said in a petition filed in Kabale High court.

According to a message posted on many WhatsApp groups having members based in Rukungiri, and on her Facebook page, Ms Matsiko says that she is ready to battle Betty in court.

Ms Muzanira, who initially lost the 2016 election to Matsiko, successfully challenged her victory in 2016, leading to the cancellation of the results in April 2018 by the Court of Appeal and the subsequent by-election. She argued that the 2016 campaign was marred with voter bribery.

Ms Matsiko had held the seat for two years until Ms Muzanira successfully challenged her victory in the court of appeal. Muzaniira first challenged the election of Matsiko in the Magistrate’s Court seeking the recount which was dismissed later.

She filed to the High Court which also dismissed the case which forced to report to the court of appeal which cancelled the election of Ms Matsiko.

Bamukwatsa Betty Muzanira scored 50,611 beating Winnie Matsiko who scored 46,329 Mbaguta Prisca scored 993 while PPP’s Kukundakwe Fabith scored 183

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