NRM takes Kapelebyong district seat


Simon Erwagu was immediately sworn in and he named his executive made up of only women


NRM supporters in the newly created district of Kapelebyong on Friday were jubilant following their candidate’s victory to become the interim district chairman.

Simon Erwagu, the councilor for Okungur, emerged winner after beating DP’s Jorem Peter Okootum, the councilor representing Acowa sub-county by one vote.

Erwagu’s victory surprised many as the NRM party has only two councilors out of the nine councilors that make up the district council. UPC which has the majority failed to field a candidate.

“I declare Erwagu the dully elected interim district chairman of Kapelebyong after obtaining the highest number of votes, congratulations Erwagu,” said the Electoral Commission returning officer for Amuria, Michael Okello.

Erwagu was immediately sworn in and he named his executive made up of only women.

Ketty Akol of UPC was named vice-chairperson, Miria Atia of FDC named secretary for education and health, Ivan Poline Amulen of NRM named secretary for gender and social services and Teddy Ajom of NRM named secretary for finance, planning and administration.

Okootum however turned down the chance to serve as the secretary for finance, planning and administration on grounds that he could not work with NRM, a party he claimed had rigged the election.

“I turned down the appointment because I was rigged out of my victory. I cannot join a camp of thieves because when they mess up, I will also be counted in,” Okootum said.

However, Erwagu insisted and nominated Okootum again as chairperson of the general purposes committee which he later accepted after consultation with his colleagues.

“I appointed him in good faith so that we work as a team and allegations that I bribed councilors are false because I am as poor as them. Where do I get money to pay councilors?” Erwagu wondered.

Kapelebyong that has brought the number of districts in Teso to nine, was carved out of Amuria district.

Kapelebyong was the highest populated county in Amuria district with 87,580 people as compared to 12,329 in Amuria County and 60,056 in Orungo County according to the 2014 census.

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