No witness to pin Kirumira for releasing suspect who stole ‘Kayihura’s’ Shs100m


KAMPALA. Former Buyende District police commander, Muhammad Kirumira on Tuesday declined to defend himself against allegations of releasing suspects accused of stealing Shs100m from the office of the then Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, for lack of witnesses.
Mr Kirumira said he could not defend himself against an offence that has no witnesses before he asked police court to acquit him of the said count since the police prosecutor, Katherine Kusemererwa, has failed to present witnesses.

“Mr Chairman [Denis Odongpiny] I request this court to dismiss this count of unnecessary exercise of authority in which prosecution alleges that I released a suspect accused of stealing Shs100m from former IGP Kayihura’s office. This case has no evidence and besides, the complainant withdrew the case long time ago,” Mr Kirumira said.

Money estimated to be more than Shs100m was allegedly stolen from Gen Kayihura’s office in a move that involved police officers and civilians working in his office in 2013. Mr Kirumira denied releasing Assistant Commissioner, Michael Mugabi, who was suspected to have masterminded the theft. Police prosecutor Kusemererwa contended with Mr Kirumira that there was no witness in regard to the said count and court would pronounce itself on March 27.
Mr Kirumira also asked court to dismiss three other cases of extortion and corruption since the witnesses contradicted each other in their submissions. Detective Constable Allan Ainebyona in his witness submission accused ASP Kirumira of arresting him without reason.

However, Mr Kirumira said he arrested the officer because he was with suspected criminals who were planning to stage a robbery in Nansana.
“I found Constable Allan with three criminals that I knew very well because they had been released on bond. I asked him to identify himself but he declined. I searched him and I found a broken warrant card hidden inside his shoes. Why would an officer who is on a lawful duty fear to identify himself?” Mr Kirumira said.

Constable Ainebyona was arrested alongside Mr Ibrahim Nsubuga, Mr Kyazze Tabu and Mr George Kalera. Prosecution claims that Mr Kirumira detained Mr Ainebyona, Mr Tabu and Mr Nsubuga but released Mr Kalera after he extorted Shs1.3m from him. Court was adjourned to next Tuesday when a ruling regarding the dismissal or stay of the said counts will be delivered. Police court has so far dismissed 20 out of 28 counts of extortion, corruption, torture, assault, unlawful arrests and discreditable conduct that had been slapped against Mr Kirumira who announced his resignation from police via social media.

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