NMG to start cancer awareness campaign

By Tony Mushoborozi

Kampala. Nation Media Group Uganda (NMG) will, throughout the month of October, stand in solidarity with cancer patients and survivors by running several stories about the disease.
Daily Monitor, together with sister media outlets such as The East African, KFM, NTV, Spark TV and Ddembe FM, will feature personal experiences of various cancer survivors aimed at educating the public about the disease.
Mr Tony Glencross, the Managing Director NMG Uganda, says one of the reasons cancer kills many people globally is because it is not detected early.
“Our job as a media group is to make people aware. People tend to ignore early signs because of ignorance and yet that is the only upper hand we have against cancer. So we will help our audiences recognise early symptoms,” says Mr Glencross.
“My younger brother died of cancer.

He ignored a constant headache for eleven months and by the time he went to check, it was too late. We will run stories of survivors. We will run stories of hope. We will focus on stories that raise general awareness on cancer and teach people to self-examine. Cancer can be beaten. Getting cancer is not a death sentence,” he adds. Globally, October is commemorated as the breast cancer awareness month.
NMG will also collaborate with other stakeholders to make the campaign far reaching. One of those partners is UMC Victoria Hospital, Bukoto.
The Kampala-based hospital will, from October 1 to October 31, offer free breast cancer screening, free specialist consultation, 50 per cent discount on extra investigations such as breast ultra-sound and pap smear.
The hospital will wind up the campaign on October 31 with an outdoor medical clinic, where screenings and consultations will be done. The event will be organised by NMG.


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