Nadia Takes Birthday Celebrations To Beverly Hills


Indeed it pays to be rich. We have learnt that city Tycoon Charles Mbiire’s flamboyant daughter Nadia Kabahita Matovu is in the US for money chopping mission.

Nadia flew out last month with her husband Yasser Matovu to celebrate her 27th birthday.

Sources say that Nadia decided to celebrate her birthday in the famous Beverly Hills to make it memorable since previous years she has been celebrating it in different countries in the world.

We hear Nadia travelled with a full team for birthday where she has even hired an official photographer, event planners by Encore Events 90210 and dresses designed by Anita Beryl.

Despite that she turned 27 years on July 3rd, Nadia started celebrating her birthday five days before and she has been staging parties in lavish hangouts in California

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