Mystery surrounds death of Mukono pastor

By Jessica Sabano

Mukono-A Pentecostal Church pastor based in Mukono Municipality has died mysteriously.

Martin Masinde was attached to Victory Family Church in Nabuti, Mukono District.

Ms Diana Masinde, his wife said her husband was fine on Sunday and even woke up in the night to prepare a water tank to harvest water since it was raining.

She said the deceased woke up at 5:00am and prayed in the living room and then went back to bed. But at 7:00am, he was dead.

“We were all fine the previous night [Sunday]. He carried out his work as usual, and led the prayers.  Unfortunately, he was found dead in bed on Monday morning,” Ms Masinde said. “I tried to wake him up in the morning but he had already gone,” Ms Masinde said.

The head of pastors in greater Mukono area, Pastor Samuel Lwandasa said when he received the bad news, he tipped police.

Mukono District Police Commander, Mr Rogers Sseguya said the body was taken to Mulago Referral Hospital for a post-mortem as investigations go on.

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