My anus is wet


I am 76 years and have a problem of a wet anus so that I have to pad myself all the time. The doctors have examined me and found nothing but will I have this problem for life?

Dear Sam,
A wet anus without other symptoms such as leakage of stool, mucus or pus discharge or even pain may happen when the lower part of rectum or anal opening is irritated by continuous and long-term use of soap to wash the anus.
It may also happen due to an irritation of the anal opening by homosexual applications.

Mucus coats the walls of the intestines and acts as a protective barrier and also to aid food or stool movement by lubricating the intestines.

Upon long term irritation of the anal opening, mucus can also be produced by the anal opening requiring to pad oneself to avoid wetting the pants.

Unfortunately, even stopping using the soap or homosexuality may not completely take away the wetness is some people requiring to stop using the irritants but continue to pad sine die.

My anus is wet

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