Muslims to celebrate Idd on Friday as moon is sighted



As millions of Muslims around the world celebrate Idd al-Fitr today, 70 imams have been recognised for their dedication to the dissemination of Islam across the country.
The imams were recognised by Pearl FM, a faith-based radio station, during a programme that started at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.
The director of Pearl FM, Sheikh Abdul Karim Kalisa, presided over the award ceremony on Thursday where the head of imams at Old Kampala Mosque, Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza, was the chief guest.
Each of the 70 imams walked away with a package for Eid celebrations, including Qurans, cash, Islamic garbs and food stuffs.
Ms Hawah Nalunkuma, one of the organisers, said: “We decided to select different imams from different regions of Uganda. We focused on those we think needed support, particularly from remote areas,” Ms Nalunkuma said.
Sheikh Kalisa also cautioned the imams against intolerance and disunity. He also urged them to revive the Islamic norms to spread Islamic faith across the country.
“As leaders in your respective areas, you must lead the way in ensuring that Muslims are united. Unity is power and we cannot develop when we are divided,” he said.
He also commended Sheikh Kakooza for dedicating his entire life towards serving the Muslim community.
“I urge all Muslim leaders to emulate Sheikh Kakooza’s life and dedication. Islam needs young, qualified and disciplined people. We must shun evil and enjoin others to do good,” Sheikh Kalisa said.
At the same function, the 7th edition of the Islamic quiz dubbed ensiitano was also concluded and the winner walked away with Shs1 million prize.

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